Inspired by the likes of Lil Wayne and the ingenuity of Mike Dean, music artist VVSNIPES combines ghostly reverb and melodic flows to create a euphoric trap experience. Comparable to a VVS diamond, this Louisiana native is the epitome of a rare gem. His wordplay is similar to that of a sniper: impossible to predict, but he always hits his target.


Music was not his first choice as a career. In fact, he spent most of his childhood drawing. It wasn't until the age of sixteen that he realized the majority of his drawings were of music artists. Still, his love for visual art led him to study graphic design at Northwestern State University.


He credits his interest in music to his father, Mickey Gremillion, who introduced him to iconic artists like Nirvana, Tupac, and Busta Rhymes. VVSNIPES is fascinated by the idea that art, music, and style can be fused together and this fusion is prominent in his creative process.


VVSNIPES strives for success despite all odds. He encourages his supporters, which he calls KRVE (pronounced “crew”), to stay humble and true to themselves. He urges his audience to live the life they’ve always wanted to live. He states, “Life truly has no limitations, so I stand for those who don’t limit themselves.”


He wants to harness the transformative power of music as a tool to unite a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Of course, accolades and luxuries are nice, but according to VVSNIPES, his ultimate desire is to look out into a crowd and say, “I made it.”

"Life truly has no limitations. I stand for those who don't limit themselves"





"The world is taking way too long to catch up with his vibe."

Tyra Cobb, Author of Defeating Depression

"His passion and determination radiate through his work."

Jasmine Raquell, KNWD Radio 91.7

"The music is his own style and creativity. It's not mimic rapping."

VaunHD, Video Director at "Geaux VaunHD"

"The artistry behind his visions are very thought out. I crave working with people like him... TRUE artists."

TeeRoo Cruise, Creative Director. Worked with Willie Nelson, Future, and Spike Lee


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